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Improve Water Conservation by Knowing Where, When and How Water is Being Used


You can’t save water if you don’t know how you are using it. That’s become a common starting point for water conservation at universities and colleges across the country. At one southeastern state university, administrators weren’t satisfied with after-the-fact water bill data or the option to install water meters in every building on campus. They wanted a deeper understanding of water usage to steer their water conservation initiative, and Zurn Elkay smart restroom products provided the solution.

Most of the water consumed originates from toilets, showers, baths, faucets, and leaks.

Improve Water Conservation and Water Usage

Water conservation entails the efficient use of water to minimize unnecessary consumption. Its significance lies in the fact that clean, fresh water is both a finite and expensive resource. Furthermore, water conservation contributes to environmental preservation.

Zurn and Water Conservation

Zurn collaborates with a global clients to offer products and systems that elevate water quality, safety, hygiene, flow management, and conservation. With a legacy spanning over two centuries, Their products play a pivotal role in promoting well-being, facilitating healthy hydration, preserving precious natural resources, and ensuring safety.

Zurn's diverse product line comprises:

  1. Smart connected solutions
  2. Finish plumbing products
  3. Building drainage systems
  4. Water control mechanisms
  5. PEX-Cross Linked Polyethylene solutions
  6. Fire protection equipment
  7. Repair parts
  8. Acid neutralization systems

Creating remote visibility into water use

Zurn Water Solutions is a company specializing in crafting water solutions for a wide range of sectors, including commercial, municipal, and industrial markets. Their product portfolio encompasses:

  1. Water management and safety solutions.
  2. Water distribution and drainage systems.
  3. Finish plumbing products.
  4. Hygienic, environmental, and site works solutions.

Zurn Elkay smart restroom products create remote visibility into water use at the device level, and the baseline data the university needed to set conservation goals and identify actions, such as adjusting flow rates. Smart products also enable the maintenance team to verify that water bills match water use. With data from Zurn Elkay smart restroom products, the university can plan more efficient restrooms during renovations and builds with fewer fixtures and water-saving touchless sensor faucets and flush valves. With smart restroom data, the university has been able to reduce water use across campus, saving 917,172 gallons per year.

To learn more about enhancing water conservation with smart restroom products, and Plumbsmart.