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Plumbing Pro Spotlight: Chad Brooks, Bennett’s Plumbing


We’re continuing to spotlight the plumbing professionals who put our solutions to the test and make us look good at the end of their long workday. Here’s our latest pro worth mentioning.

Chad Brooks chose the plumbing trade for its stability, yet constantly changing nature. He’s spent almost two decades driving out to both residential and commercial job sites throughout the Lake Elsinore community. Brooks states, “Every dispatch requires expedience and expertise. You need those two skills at once to be truly good at what you do. Our team makes the complex seem simple and quick fixes even faster, and our customers get that and appreciate it.”

Today he works as a Foreman at Bennett’s Plumbing. The established company shares the same sentiment as Brooks. In fact, its tagline echoes: No job is too big or too small… Bennett’s Plumbing is equipped with the latest technologies and the sharpest talent. The team responds with a sense of urgency and completes each job professionally, no matter the scope.

“I don’t just install backflow preventers; I rebuild them and turn them into seamless systems. I have to know what I’m doing, and I have to trust what solutions I’m using. In my 17 years, I’ve never encountered an issue with Zurn. It’s both durable and reliable.” Thank you, Chad!