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Plumbing Pro Spotlight: George Karoubalis, Genitek

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George Karoubalis can handle the heat, whether it’s in the kitchen or solving a plumbing problem. Seven years ago, he traded his kitchen utensils for pipe wrenches and faucet keys.

Meet George Karoubalis, a seasoned professional at Genitek, excelling in both kitchen and plumbing arenas. With seven years of expertise, George seamlessly transitioned from wielding kitchen utensils to mastering the intricacies of pipe wrenches. His versatility and commitment shine in every challenge he tackles, making George an invaluable asset to the Genitek team. Explore the depth of his skills and experience in our exclusive Plumbing Pro Spotlight.

"Discover George Karoubalis' journey from the culinary world to becoming a skilled plumber at Genitek. With seven years of plumbing experience, George thrives on quick thinking and handling challenges under pressure. Learn how Genitek, serving Montreal for two decades, provides expert plumbing solutions, from new construction to emergencies, with 24/7 coverage. Thank you, George and Genitek, for your community support and plumbing excellence."

“Prior to Genitek my work revolved around the restaurant industry,” Karoubalis explains. “I’ve been a plumber for about seven years now, and I’ve never looked back. The career change may seem like a leap, but both require quick thinking under pressure. I work hard and can handle challenges steadily. Above all, I love helping people. Plumbing is a trade many don’t know, and I can step in to fix their problems.”

Genitek has served the Montreal area for two decades, from new construction projects and restroom renovations to plumbing maintenance and emergencies. Not only does the company retain certified plumbing professionals; it offers 24/7 coverage. Customers know they’re getting competent assistance when they need it most.

Thanks, George and Genitek, for your community support and plumbing expertise.

A heartfelt appreciation to George and the entire Genitek team for their unwavering support within the community and their exceptional plumbing expertise. Your commitment not only ensures the smooth functioning of plumbing systems but also contributes significantly to the well-being of the community you serve. 

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