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Higher Education Upgrades to Smart Restroom

Upgrading to Smart Restrooms?
Right now, it’s a no-brainer in higher education


At colleges and universities today, decision-makers and facilities managers face more and more financial stressors. Student enrollment and tuition revenues are provisionally declining, operating costs are spiking in general, and budgets and funding are being trimmed back because of both. That’s why higher ed decision-makers and facilities managers can no longer just follow their gut. They must rely on trustworthy data to make informed decisions to guarantee budgets are met.

Fortunately, data-driven sensors double as touchless solutions. Because of this, smart restroom technology helps keep your campus clean, promotes more effective hand hygiene and social distancing, saves on water, decreases downtime, and gives your maintenance and custodial team more control over their tasks—all this on top of ROI!

Here are the leading smart restroom solutions being adopted today:

  • Handwashing score – encourages proper handwashing with flush/wash ratio
  • Touchless, smart fixtures – give instant alerts and detect outliers, such as a clog or tampered flush valve 
  • Feedback surveys – help you better understand the guest experience
  • Occupancy lights – indicates any open stalls and keeps traffic flowing and distanced

The smart choice

Smart restroom solutions are quickly becoming a key contributor in campus restrooms across the country. With so many data-driven fixtures and technologies available, you won’t have to overwork your crew (or strain your budget). From the very first day of installation, a smart restroom instantly boosts guest and student and staff satisfaction by:

  • Owning the restroom experience for all, start to finish
  • Checking in with maintenance employees in real-time
  • Helping meet strategic goals through trends and analytics
  • Assisting entire teams behind the scenes every day

Real-time for fewer dollar signs

Data is king. An informed decision is almost always the result of easy-to-understand, easy-to-access learning — offering the answers you need, when you need them.

If your campus restroom needs attention, count on an upgraded smart restroom. From reporting negative user feedback to raising the flag on a plumbing issue ASAP, smart restroom technology turns mobile alerts that bring instant action. This decreases the number of users affected before a problem is resolved and lessens the size and scope of the remedy (aka fewer dollar signs).

Analytics and trends for strategic planning

Interested in saving water, reducing costs, and ensuring uptime? You can set up your parameters and goals based on the results you receive. Smart restroom products offer valuable, actionable statistics that uncover trends and analytics around usage patterns, peak hours, preventative maintenance, and water consumption.

Plus, dashboard-style portals provide all these helpful details in a user-friendly format. Users get 24/7 access anywhere via phone, tablet, or computer, so they can dive deeper in their office or remotely.

Machine learning is next-level smart

Once installed, your level of learning takes off! You’ll harness smart restroom product data to increase user satisfaction, solve operational issues, make better decisions, and experience cost savings. Plus, customization can help teams divide and conquer to reach a place of predictive maintenance, thanks to learned trends and patterns. Your restroom and team basically never stop improving, because the technology keeps adapting to the environment.

Start questioning … everything

Now that you’ve become enlightened on smart restroom technology, ask yourself these questions: Are there gaps in your restroom performance now? What smart solutions could be added to enhance and streamline the experience? How can this group of products work together to perform better? What’s working and what isn’t?

Take time to find answers first. You’ll be ready to take advantage of the built-in learning that smart restroom solutions can offer, create a cleaner, better experience for your institution, and establish a more manageable routine for your maintenance and custodial teams.

Interested in learning more? Download the latest whitepaper, “Smart Restroom Innovations for Your Customers.

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