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Replace Guesses With Data to Reduce Routine Maintenance


The restroom experience on campus has an effect on student satisfaction and a university’s reputation, and is an indicator of overall campus quality standards. At one central state university, maintenance teams routinely changed the battery in every faucet and flush valve on campus twice a year to prevent restroom downtime and reduce changeout work orders.

With nearly 4,000 fixtures campus-wide, the effort required six plumbers working two shifts every six months. Facilities leaders realized that time could be better and more efficiently spent on other maintenance tasks. They found a solution to premature battery replacements with Zurn Elkay smart restroom products.

Increasing maintenance efficiency with data

The university’s maintenance team uses Zurn Elkay smart sensor low battery alerts and remote voltage monitoring to improve maintenance efficiency and reduce costs and hassle. Battery changeouts are now scheduled based on alerts for preventive maintenance closer to the battery’s end of life.

As a result, the university saved 216 hours of labor and the cost of 30,400 premature battery replacements. Fewer battery replacements means fewer batteries going into landfills. The team also met its original goal of reducing battery changeout work orders.

Empower Your Team with Real-Time Data:

  • Prevent flooding, leaks, and costly repairs with instant alerts.
  • Stay ahead with automated maintenance scheduling.
  • Enhance performance management with advanced analytics.

Utilize Metrics for Minimization and Optimization:

  • Delve deeper into product trends and market insights to make informed decisions.
  • Analyze user patterns and behaviors to tailor your strategies effectively.
  • Streamline operations by reducing water usage, manual tasks, and overall costs.

This revised version expands on the original points and provides more context for applying metrics to minimize and optimize various aspects of your operations.

Ensure Seamless User Experiences Throughout Their Routine:

  • Identify peak hours for scheduling to optimize service efficiency.
  • Analyze demand usage patterns to inform future project planning and resource allocation.
  • Sustain consistent product performance to meet user expectations on a daily basis."

This revision provides a more detailed and explanatory version of the original text, emphasizing the importance of user flow and how data can support it.

ZurnElkay Products

ZurnElkay Products for water consumption metrics, and data for preventive maintenance.

Zurn Connected Backflow Preventers

Backflow preventers quietly safeguard our water supply, often out of sight and out of mind, until a failure or contamination incident strikes.

That's when Zurn Connected Backflow Preventers step in. They diligently monitor performance, tracking everything from flow and pressure to valve discharge. With real-time insights, you and your team can take proactive measures before any real issues arise. You'll not only gain a deeper understanding but also increase predictability in your daily operations.

When you're focused on your responsibilities, your backflow preventer is right there with you, silently doing its job.

Zurn Connected Faucets

Ever wished you could pinpoint the most consistently low-traffic times for restroom cleanups or precisely schedule faucet maintenance or part replacements? Perhaps you're eager for more precise water usage tracking. With Zurn Connected Faucets, you no longer need to guess – you can make informed decisions.

Zurn Connected Flush Valves

Tired of maintenance feeling like a guessing game? Put an end to unnecessary premature replacements and wasted water due to avoidable leaks and activations. With Zurn Connected Flush Valves, real-time insights empower you to take control of your restroom's cleanliness and performance.

Find out more about Zurn Elkay Plumbsmart for improving work efficiency and reducing costs with smart restroom products.