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Replace Guesses With Data to Reduce Routine Maintenance


The restroom experience on campus has an effect on student satisfaction and a university’s reputation, and is an indicator of overall campus quality standards. At one central state university, maintenance teams routinely changed the battery in every faucet and flush valve on campus twice a year to prevent restroom downtime and reduce changeout work orders.

With nearly 4,000 fixtures campus-wide, the effort required six plumbers working two shifts every six months. Facilities leaders realized that time could be better and more efficiently spent on other maintenance tasks. They found a solution to premature battery replacements with Zurn Elkay smart restroom products.

Increasing maintenance efficiency with data
The university’s maintenance team uses Zurn Elkay smart sensor low battery alerts and remote voltage monitoring to improve maintenance efficiency and reduce costs and hassle. Battery changeouts are now scheduled based on alerts for preventive maintenance closer to the battery’s end of life.

As a result, the university saved 216 hours of labor and the cost of 30,400 premature battery replacements. Fewer battery replacements means fewer batteries going into landfills. The team also met its original goal of reducing battery changeout work orders.

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